Lost Item No.: 1098977 - John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, US

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John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK, New York, US, (Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Idlewild)
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Sunday, January 20, 2019
I was on flight 359 from JFK to BUR at 4:50 on Sunday, Jan. 20th. My 11 year old son had a backpack carryon that went through the scanner. The TSA agent removed my son's galaxy 3 tablet in a blue case, showed it to me as I was standing and waiting for our stuff to come out of the scanner. She then, I thought, put it back in the backpack because the backpack was returned to the scanner and my son retrieved it. On the plane, we discovered that the tablet was not replaced in the backpack. A plastic bag with snacks was apparently removed and not put back in either. The bag contained a small frozen blue ice pack, sliced deli meat, a danish, and an apple. My son is very upset about his tablet. I don't understand how it was not replaced from the backpack it was removed from without anyone saying anything to me or my son.
Security checkpoint, Terminal 5