Lost Item No.: 1140178 - John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, US

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John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK, New York, US, (Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Idlewild)
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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Hello, I would like to file a claim for compensation for missing items from my checked bag. I reported this incident the day after I received my luggage Rome with Fiumicino. ROME-FIUMICINO has already looked into this claim, and confirmed that this issue did not take place at the Rome-Fiumicino Customs, but rather in the United States. I have included details about my flights below. Upon arriving in Rome, I noticed that my bag had been gone through, with many of my items tossed around and disorganized. As I check my belongings, I noticed several items missing. I would like to please ask for compensation regarding these missing/ stolen items asap please. Please see below for information regarding my request and claim. Thank you: The following items were missing with their corresponding values: - A Variety of High Quality Toiletry Products valuing $600 - Jewelry valuing $400 Personal Information: Dominique Kourie (858) 342 6535 Dominiquekourie@gmail.com Flight Information: Confirmation # GBLHOD Ticket # 0062154361652 Mon, 04APR DELTA 358 Main Cabin (U) SAN DIEGO, CA 7:10am NYC-KENNEDY 3:21pm DELTA 6589* Economy Classic (U) NYC-KENNEDY 5:05pm ROME-FIUMICINO 7:35am **Tue 05APR
New York